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At Te Awamutu Intermediate School, we recognise that the world is changing and that opportunities for different learning methods have been created through the rapid development in digital technology worldwide. The vision of the New Zealand Curriculum, is to foster young people who will be “confident, connected, actively involved and lifelong learners”.

Since 2015, T.A.I. has had a Bring your Own Device (B.Y.O.D.) programme in the school. This is where students can bring their own Chromebook, tablet, laptop or smartphone and join it to the school wireless network and use it to assist them with their classroom work and learning. This is entirely optional and NOT a requirement. Students will not be disadvantaged if they do not bring a device to school.  We have other digital devices that can be accessed. 


The main goal of the B.Y.O.D. initiative is that learning can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and with a 1:1 device, it will enhance student's learning opportunities and experiences.

The advantages for students who bring in their own device to school are many and varied and they include: 

✦ Anytime, anywhere access to class resources, support and extension activities

✦ The ability to develop “digital” folders and work for their classes (that can’t be lost, and never need replacing) through Google Apps for Education

✦ The ability to develop a record of their learning using online platforms 

✦ Greater ability to communicate with teachers, parents and peers to support their learning through instant access to their student e-mail

✦ Anytime, anywhere access to unlimited resources and information on the internet

✦ The ability to draft, redraft and publish their work at the click of a button

 Allowing students to become active partners in their learning

Students and parents will be required to sign an agreement before any device can be bought to school.