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Our Uniform

Our compulsory uniform reflects our school colours of maroon, gold and black. We endeavour to encourage pride in wearing the uniform and appreciate your support in ensuring your child is correctly and neatly attired each day.

All students are required to wear the correct school uniform. Their uniform should be clean, in good condition and fit correctly. Hair is to be kept neat and tidy and be of a natural colour. It is not to be cut with ridges, spiked, worn as dreadlocks, an afro, or as a mohawk. Braids are acceptable, but no beads. Nails should be kept short and clean.

Compulsory Items

Polar Fleece

Maroon with school logo.


Charcoal grey, pleated.


Charcoal grey, drill.

Polo Shirts

White for girls, grey for boys.

(A white, short sleeved tee-shirt may be worn underneath for extra warmth in winter)


Black knee length for girls and boys.

Thick black stockings are acceptable for girls in


(Ankle socks, laddered stockings or knee high stockings are not acceptable)


Regulation school, flat, black leather shoe.

(can be lace up or strap) To see photographs of acceptable shoes, click here.

No other shoe is acceptable; including patent leather and ballet-type slip-on shoes and black leather basketball boots.


Plain black. (Term 1 and 4 only)

Physical Education Uniform

Maroon and gold tee-shirt.

Plain black shorts (no logos or stripes).


Hats and Caps

Maroon with school logo (only regulation school hats to be worn).


Black and maroon school jacket (these need to be ordered as we don’t keep them in stock.)

A non regulation jacket over the school sweatshirt can be worn to and from school.

Hair Ties and Accessories

School colours.


School colours.


A wrist watch. One small pair of studs to be worn in ears only (Must be silver or gold or school colours). If crucifixes, bone carvings, or other taonga items of special meaning are worn around the neck, they must not be visible.



One or two piece swimwear.


Speedos or board shorts