“In classrooms, there are very high levels of on task behaviour and a visible response to the school's high expectations for conduct and engagement.” - ERO 2016


A Team

Room 1

Mr Denize

Room 2

Mrs Cunningham

Room 3

Mrs Crowe

Room 15

Miss McLachlan

Room 16

Ms Bayley

B Team

Room 4

Ms Germann

Room 5

Mrs Ellis

Room 6

Miss Rust

Room 7

Mrs Morrow

Room 8

Mrs Palmer

C Team

Room 9

Mr Oliver

Room 11

Ms Bailey

Room 12

Mrs Potter

Room 13

Mr Paraone

Room 14

Mr Ellis

Tech Team

Music and Dance

Mrs Germann and Miss Robertson

Visual Arts

Mrs Morrison

Food Technology

Ms Fynn

Soft Materials

Mrs Kilgour

Hard Materials

Mr Graham


Mrs Tyson